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Smart highlighting software to improve speed and comprehension

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What is Étude?

Étude provides smart highlighting and artificial intelligence powered search to help you read and find information faster without sacrificing comprehension

  • 34% Decrease in reading time
  • 8% increase in comprehension

*Over traditional PDF readers

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Smart Highlighting

Want to save time? Let Étude do the the reading for you! At the click of the button, it will read the pages that you want and analyze them intricately. Using machine learning, Étude looks for important concepts and filters out what isn't important to your understanding. It then presents that information to you!

Smart Search

Have you ever looked for specific information in a long document? Sometimes using ctrl+f just doesn't cut it; you're either too specific or too broad. Just ask Étude whatever question you have and it'll read the document for you to find the answers. Think of it like a Google Search for your document.

File Management

Whether you're navigating between documents or searching for a section within one, Étude provides several tools for quickly reaching your target destination, including a table of contents for breaking down lengthy PDFs, a library for organizing your files, and a bookmark capability for returning to important pages.

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